Welcome to the Great Lakes Alberg Association’s blog, the companion to the GLAA’s website, alberg.ca.

This blog is designed to be the interactive half of the GLAA’s online presence. It’s a simple site with links to news and information for Alberg owners and fans. It also hosts our Contact Us form, and many pages have the capability of accepting user comments in Leave a Reply text boxes (at the bottom of these pages). These last two features allow members and visitors alike to communicate with us and with one another.

The “interactive” part is important.  We want to hear from you with any stories, photos, mechanical advice, questions or comments on anything and everything Alberg related.

While our main website remains an important part of the GLAA identity, this blog will be the place to find the most up to date information you may be looking for, such as:

The GLAA Newsletter is another great way to keep up to date on all things Alberg happening in the Great Lakes region and beyond. The most recent newsletter, as well as past editions dating back to the winter of 2002, can be found on the Newsletter page of the main GLAA website.

You may return to the main website by clicking on the 50th Anniversary burgee below, or by following the link in the sidebar to the right.