Looking to Buy

Looking for an Alberg 30 or 29 in Good Condition

Roy Skanes has dropped us a message from just outside of St. John’s, Newfoundland.        He is looking to buy and Alberg 30 or 29 and is hoping he can also grab a trailer as well.  Anyone who has a lead for him                                                                                                                  or is looking to give their own Alberg a new home                                                                           can contact Roy at this email address:



This request came across our desk today.

“Can anyone recommend a person in the Toronto area to do some interior work
on an Alberg 30? Mine needs new interior doors, a new companionway hatch,
new cockpit seats-mostly that type of carpentry work? Any names/contact info
would be appreciated.”

If you can recommend any person or a business in the GTA that would undertake this work, send us a message using the reply box below.

We will pass your information along where needed.

Thanks everyone.


One Response to Looking to Buy

  1. Doug Cleveland says:

    Aslin Boat Building 416 830 3570


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