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Slideshow from 2016 Annual General Meeting

A collection of photos taken over the 2015 sailing season submitted by the membership.

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To view and download individual pictures from the 2016 AGM slideshow above,

select this link.

New Gallery from ‘The Age of Sail’

Collected Photos From ‘The Age Of Sail’ exhibit at the Marine Museum in Kingston, Ontario that ran throughout the summer of 2014.

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The Summer of 2014 … So far!

Check out the slideshow presentation of photos from the Rendezvous at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club on the Canada Day weekend and from this year’s Syronelle.

We’ll fill in some details on more of the images shortly but, in the meantime, congratulations to Phil B. and John K. on their Syronelle win.

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2 Responses to Photographs

  1. Roy Skanes says:

    Hello. The photos are great. Does anyone know if the Alberg 30 was ever produced with a wheel rather than a tiller and, if so, which years please? Thank you


  2. Gordon Laco says:

    Yes, A30’s were produced with factory installed wheels. My #426 was built that way in 1970 and I know of another.


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