White Opal showing what she’s made of!

Upcoming Events

For upcoming racing events, please check the Calendar.

Racing Boat/Crew Roster 

I have a boat but need crew! I want to race but need a boat!

Then visit the online racing roster to:

  • request crew;
  • volunteer as a crew member;
  • see the names already listed in either category.

By adding yourself to the roster, you’ll discover a great way to meet new people while learning to race, honing your racing skills, and possibly leading your crew to victory!

Past Events and Results

EventDate and locationResults
2020 Syronelle Cup Classic RegattaJune 26-28, 2020
National Yacht Club
Cancelled due to COVID-19 and border closures.
2019 Great Lakes ChallengeRabbit start (le Pappillon as the rabbit)
1st place: Jazz
2nd place: Gemini
3rd place: Sam
4th place: le Papillon
2018 50th Anniversary Syronelle Cup Classic RegattaJune 23-24, 2018
National Yacht Club
View results
View the photo slideshow
2017 Syronelle Cup Classic RegattaCancelled due to extreme conditions in the Great Lakes basin.
2016 Syronelle Cup Classic RegattaJune 25-26, 2016View results
Read an article about the event (by Marc DeCorte)

Past Race Results–1965 to 2015 (PDF)

The start copy

Annual Races Organized by the GLAA

The GLAA organizes four A30 races each season. The dates for each race will be posted on the Calendar as soon as they are set.

Three white sail races are held on Lake Ontario and one spinnaker race is held on Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis, Maryland.

  • The first race, held in June, is the Syronelle Cup between teams from the GLAA and a team of racers from the Chesapeake Alberg Association using loaner boats.  This is a two day event with three races.  This year, the 2018 Syronelle Cup race will be held on the weekend of June 23rd – 24th at The National Yacht Club in Toronto.
  • The second race, the Triangle Cup, is usually held in conjunction with a GLAA rendezvous on Lake Ontario.
  • The third race, The Great Lakes Championship, is held in late August.  The 2018 Great Lakes Championship will be held on August 25th at The National Yacht Club in Toronto.
  • The fourth race, The Rankin Regatta, is a two day event held on Chesapeake Bay. There are three races between a team from the GLAA (using loaner boats) and some really competitive racers from the Chesapeake Alberg 30 One Design Association.
Rankin Regatta on the Magothy River, Maryland September 2015 (photo by George Dinwiddie)

The winner of each race gets a really big trophy (for a year), a smaller trophy (that you get to keep forever and ever!), and flags are awarded as well.

While the emphasis is on racing, each race is a great social event as well.  Some folks come along just for the party.  If you want to experience the thrill of racing then come join one of our crews. No experience required. See our Calendar and contact us for more information today!

The fleet #1 copy

4 Responses to Racing

  1. Great Lakes Alberg Association says:

    Please add my name to the crew list.
    Thanks very much.
    Rob Feeney


  2. The photo is by George Dinwiddie, and is on my computer desktop, and the cover of the Chesapeake Association’s Handbook.
    The other boat is Lanny Helm’s Windswept #562. We are ducking them and preparing to harden up and tack over them.


  3. The photo at the top was not take at this year’s Syronelle Cup event, but at the Rankin Regatta on the Magothy River in Maryland, September 2015. That’s my boat Rinn Duin #272 as Canada I, skippered by Marc DeCorte.

    Great pictures of the Syronelle event !

    Mike Meinhold
    Commodore, The Chesapeake Bay Alberg 30 One-Design Association


    • Great Lakes Alberg Association says:

      Thanks for letting me know, Mike.
      If you don’t mind I’m going to leave the shot at the top of the page anyway.
      It’s such a great photo.
      I’ll put some details and byline to explain the image the next time I’m updating.


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